August 2019 Trail Head Real Estate Monthly Report

Jeff Rubenstein is a 15 year Realtor with over 350 homes sold as well as a homeowner and resident in Trail Head.

Welcome to this month’s edition of the Trail Head Monthly Real Estate Report for August 2019.

As we come to the end of the Summer and ease into the Fall, I wanted to take this month to provide a quick overview of the real estate activity that we’ve seen in our neighborhood this year.

My goal is to make sure that all homeowners in our neighborhood are well informed when it comes to real estate activity (homes listed and sold) as well as the overall home market values in Trail Head.

After all, our homes are the largest asset that we own and we should know how our assets are performing in any given market condition.

As you can see, there have been twelve (12) homes sold this year between January 1, 2019, and the end of July 2019 which is almost as many homes sold in all of 2018 (there were a total of fourteen (14) sales in 2018).  I would attribute this statistic to the fact that more people are moving and taking advantage of the low-interest rates and the equity that has been built in our homes over the last few years.

Homes are not appreciating at the same pace that they were over the past couple of years.  However, we continue to be in a Seller’s market and homes that are priced right and show well are selling for close to or at list price and within a relatively quick time frame.

If you would like any additional information about real estate in Trail Head or if you are considering selling now or sometime in the future I would be happy to answer any questions or consult with you regarding a strategic plan of action to help to reach your real estate goals.  Totally Free and no obligation whatsoever. We’re neighbors so I’m happy to help you out.

You can also get a FREE Automated Home Valuation here (Please note that this data should not be used for the purpose of pricing to sell) or call me at 970-214-1560 and I’ll be happy to stop by and give you a more detailed and accurate report.

If you’re thinking about buying, my services are completely free as the Seller pays my commission when you work with me to buy a home.  Now, that’s a great deal.

Feel free to Search for Homes here on my website that is updated with the most current data every fifteen minutes.

Here are five things that you can do to maintain or increase the value of your home:


If you’re looking to refinance your home or possibly sell, you’ll need a killer appraisal. A bank will not refinance a home for more than it is worth, and a potential buyer will not pay more than the recognized value of the home.

1) Tidy your space Make sure your yard looks well-groomed and the interior of your home is clean clutter-free. It is well worth the investment to have the home professionally cleaned and have your yard serviced.

2) Invest in the right types of renovations Kitchens and bathrooms are the best types of renovations. They will typically provide an 80% return on investment (ROI). High-efficiency appliances and upgrades that improve the overall efficiency of the home are well worth the investment.

3) Document your upgrades Provide the appraiser with a list and documentation of all upgrades, renovations, and improvements to the home.

4) Do your homework Research and provide your own comparable valuations for similar properties in the area. Note your tone. You don’t want to come off as defensive but rather helpful.

5) Be available but not in the way Be present to assist with the process but don’t be the appraiser’s shadow. You want to appear helpful, not nervous that he’ll find something wrong!

Appraisals can be helpful in increasing the sale of your home or assisting in refinancing your mortgage. Use these tips and you’ll get a better value for your home.



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